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Solid Carbide Spiral Straight Bits

Solid Carbide Bits

Straight Bits

Form Tools

Flush Trim Bits

  • Solid Carbide Flush Trim Bits
  • Double Flute Flush Trim
  • Double Bearing Flush Trim
  • V-Groove Flush Trim Bit
  • Overhang Trim Bit
  • Three Flute Flush Trim Bit
  • Downshear Flush Trim Bit
  • Combination Flush Trim Bit

Solid Surface Bits

  • Round Over
  • Round Under
  • Face Inlay
  • Round Over Undermount
  • Bevel Undermount Bowl
  • Overhang Bowl Trim

Profile Bits

Glue Joints

Groove Profile Bits

Cabinet Making Router Bits

Window Bits

  • Window Sill Edge
  • Window Sash

Dovetail Bits

Slotting Router Bits

  • Slotting Cutters/Arbors
  • Drawer Slot Cutters/Arbors
  • Slot Cutters
  • T-Slot Bits
  • Slot & Undercut Bits


Router Bit Sets